Chiang Mai

It would be hard to give a brief description of Chiang Mai. The best way is to show you photos of some of its best temples.  To show you the Tha pae gate and its Sunday night market.  Its famous night bazaar and the warorot market.

In 1296, king Mengrai founded the city of Chiang Mai and the city became the capital of the Lanna kingdom. It is located 700km from Bangkok, along the Ping river at the foot of the highest mountain of Thailand. In recent years Chiang Mai has become an important city and attract more than 1million visitors every years. It is an important cultural city and  has long been a major center for handcraft goods, umbrellas, jewelry and wood carving.


Around Chiang Mai you will find numerous activities: Trekking in nearby tribal village, elephant ride, bungee jumping, snake show and a lot more.

For the shopping enthusiast, they will find many handcraft market and very modern Mall, where they will find clothes, shoes, jewelry and many more at a fraction of what they would pay oversea.

After a long day of shopping and sightseeing you will enjoy a good massage in one of the numerous spa that you can find around the city.

In ChiangMai you will enjoy: eating out in a numerous of very good restaurant (thai, farang, indian, chinese). And you can now even find good mexican food and good hamburgers.

There are numerous bars and clubs where you can enjoy a good drink while listening to live music. You will find girlie bars and other venues where you can watch the famous Thai boxing on Loi kroh Road.


Chiang Mai is not an expensive city to live in.  You can find good accommodations and good foods at a very moderate price.  And you can find 5stars hotels that are not so moderate.


The best time to visit is from November to February when the temperature is not too hot and there is little rain.  The temperatures get high in April and May just before the raining season. The raining start in June and end in September.  But it never rain all day and the temperature less hot, so it is very pleasant for sightseeing.


Chiang Mai international airport have direct flight with Bangkok and capitals in neighbouring countries. It is very easy to get to Chiang Mai by bus or by train.  Getting around in Chiang Mai is very easy thanks to abundant Tuk-tuks, taxis, and songthaew.